Web Extras – Summer 2014

Check out some great web extras to accompany stories in our Summer 2014 issue, including interviews, videos and more…

Lego Legend – Want to see more of Jason Burik ’00, psychology’s work with Lego?

Pride Proven – A trio of dogs have appeared on UMBC’s campus. Find out more at: http://www.umbcretrieverproject.blogspot.com/

Solitary RefinementWant to see more photographs by Ben Marcin ’80, economics? Check out his website, where you can also find links to article about his work.

Life On the Edge – Find out more about Mary Volkmann ’92, English and her novel, These Days (written under the pen name “Margo Christie”) at her website: http://www.margochristienovelist.com

Young and HungryDiscover more about Brigitte Pribnow Moore ’05 and the Young Playwrights’ Theater.

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